Yes, you heard me. Wipe out the word competition from your vocabulary! The old model of “competing” or being “competitive” is going out the door and being slowly replaced by inspired action, community motivation, sharing, support and camaraderie.

So how do you approach the market when you no longer have your competitors, but instead, you have inspirations, motivations and other people you are rooting for & who are in turn rooting for you too? Instead of trying to crush a “competitor” on your way to the top, or driving them out of the illusive race, you are journeying together, side by side.

[bctt tweet=”what you have can never be in any type of competition. What you are is unique.”]

When you get stuck trying to wipe out someone else’s model, you are forcing a path that is no longer aligned with who you are. Just make that shift and you will set yourself free and more importantly, you will allow your inspiration to create from its original unique source which is, YOU.

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