What brings you to this moment? Has it been a long journey? Are you in the thick of it all, or is your adventure just beginning? You may be thinking, “Well, who’s going to care how I got here or why I chose this path?”

Newsflash baby, we do care. The focus has shifted and we want to hear your story! So, there you stand, ‘suitcase’ in hand, in the middle of your chosen path. All that time spent searching, when it was right under your nose. That idea or project you’ve been working on has shifted from its confined space and It is now free and open for the world to see. But now, how do you translate that moment of infinity into the world of marketing?

Simple, by being real.

And so there you are, in front of your laptop, computer or iPad. You are looking through your social media channels and something about it is turning you off. That is when you realize it is no longer about collecting a bunch of half-assed “followers” who don’t even visit your page or give a shit to begin with. The yearning for deeper connections rises from the cave of your heart as you wonder how quickly things can change when you begin to understand that in order to connect with others on a deeper level, you must first connect with yourself on a deeper level.

[bctt tweet=”Times have changed and we are all yearning for meaning, interaction, conversation, and authenticity.  “]

Be honest about what it is you want.

Finding your sacred space within all the different social media streams can be quite tricky, especially when what is called, “marketing” is no longer about pushing ideas, products or projects in a disconnected manner, or in a one-sided manner.

We want you to be real… We want to be real.

When you reach out, there is someone on the other side also reaching out. It is the art of meeting that person in the middle as a real human being, and not as a number in your small or large following. It is now an intimate process of revealing what is inside yourself in order to reach a person on a different level and weaving that into the way you present yourself or your ideas. Social media is shifting its course, and now it’s personal! The question is, how can you incorporate your story into the way you use your social media channels?

So what’s your story?

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