Periscope is a live broadcasting video app (owned by Twitter) that is changing how businesses present themselves to their audiences. Their tagline, “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes.”, has captivated the world’s attention. Even though the app is only a few months old, it has begun to shift online marketing as we know it.

Swarms of celebrities, entrepreneurs, and regular people are now being followed by thousands of periscope viewers as they present themselves in ordinary environments such as their own kitchen table or taking a walk with their dog, as well as extraordinary situations such as deep water diving, sky diving or mountain climbing. It is each and every one’s own reality show for the world to witness. Although Periscope videos only last 24 hours in the database, there are other cloud storage services like Katch that houses the live streams for audiences to replay their missed scope shows, at their own time.

[bctt tweet=”Broadcasting live for the whole world to see, is changing how we use social media to connect with one another.”]

This is one revolutionary app to follow. How or what it will develop into, is up to the people because it is a people’s app. When you first download Periscope and log on, you will see a diagram of a world map with small red dots everywhere. Each red dot is a person broadcasting live. It is taking the “behind the scenes” concept to the next level and into a more personal art form. The art of live broadcasting has allowed many people to be reached in a way that we used to think was impossible. You are able to dive in from country to country, person to person, right into their living rooms, bedrooms, nature adventures and also their businesses.

The potential is there, if you haven’t yet downloaded the Periscope app, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

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