Everyone turns into a photographer on Instagram, it is inevitable, and so if you ever secretly wanted to become one, here is your chance. When an individual, an artist or a company decide to use Instagram, it is to create a visual experience for the viewers. But in order to understand Instagram successfully, you have to understand Photography.

Photography is not just about snapping any photo without giving it any thought and applying a million filters to it, it is an art form that takes years to perfect, many go to school to develop their own unique eye, but with this app, you are immediately thrown into the world of images. Using Instagram will change the way you communicate with your audience and slowly you will begin to develop a new perspective through the eye of the lens. You will begin to think with your eyes, and most importantly you will begin to see through the eyes of your viewers.

[bctt tweet=”The concept of photography is to capture moments in time that invoke all the senses in one single image.  “]

In order for your viewers to fall in love with your picture, you will need to take into consideration how the image will make them feel, and the best way to do this is to check in with yourself, how does it make YOU feel? Think of how to create an image that can invoke a certain feeling. Here are a few ways in which you can accomplish this:

  • Personalize your photographs.

    Before you start clicking away, stop for a moment and take a look at the scene you are about to shoot:
    a. Adding a personal touch to your picture will take your image into a different level for the senses. For example, if you are trying to showcase something you have designed by showing your desk and computer screen, you might want to stop and think about what else you will include in the shot that could take it to a different level of experience.
    b. A unique perspective. Sometimes their own hand holding those items is included in the shot. This makes the viewer feel as though they are looking through the eyes of the person in the photo. Basically you want your viewer to experience this moment for themselves, as if they were there in front of that desk looking into your world in first person. Or you could also experiment taking the photo from different angles as well!

  • Create higher quality images.

    Even though the quality of your mobile phone or tablet is not that bad (especially if there is an abundance of natural light), I still highly suggest you begin to:
    a. Take your photos from a different camera. Now that so many cameras have built-in wifi included into their systems, it makes instant sharing and sending much easier and faster. Investing in the quality of your image, will take yourself or your brand into the next level of visual story telling. The higher the quality/resolution, the more the viewer can be drawn into the image scene. These cameras come from major brands like Sony, Nikon, & Panasonic.
    b.  A small budget is not a problem. If you don’t have a huge budget, you can get the ones that cost anywhere from $85-$400. Honestly that is all you really need. There are of course much more expensive cameras that you can buy, that is really up to you and your budget.
    c. Save your images at a high resolution. Make sure your instagram photo is at least 1080 X 1080 pixels, although the largest image that can be saved from a mobile device is 2048 X 2048. Instagram will resize it, but if it is a high resolution image, then it will make a huge difference for the viewer.

  • Light up your photos.

    Light will become your best friend. Too much light and zero shadow can create a rather flat look and so you may want to:
    a. Make sure that your photo has dimension. Experiment with things far and near all in one photograph. Keep in mind the field of vision as you witness the dance between light and shadow. Make sure the shadows are not too harsh in comparison to the lit objects. This tends to happen especially if you use artificial light. I highly recommend natural lighting since artificial lighting requires a lot of technical training in order to get it just right. Even with studio lights available, I will always take the natural lighting route. Experiment taking pictures at different times throughout the day to see when you can get the most balanced lighting that is ideal for your posts.
    b. Learn how to use photoshop or some kind of editing software. This will allow you to add brightness, contrast, color correct and so much more. This is one sure way to enhance the light and vibrance of an image. If you don’t know how to use any editing software programs then open up YouTube and take as many short tutorials as possible!

Remember to have fun and explore the different ways in which you can reach your ideal audience using the right balance of creativity and technical skills. Think about how you can enhance their experience and always think outside the box!

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