About Say Wow Media

The concept of Say Wow Media began one sunny day in California. Jenniffer and Dmitry had been working on many of their personal projects and were feeling empowered. They began to realize how important it is for people to transform their creative dreams and ideas into reality. Together they went on a mission to inspire everyone around them to begin birthing their unique talents


About Dmitry W. Azarov

Dmitry Wild Azarov
He started working during the DotCom Boom of 2000. Having a choice between a study-abroad program in London and a job in the best start-up. He chose the start up. His first job was at Sapient as a site dev. Sapient’s stock was at an all time high $150 / share and with offices in 11 countries things seemed to be looking good. Unfortunately, the boom followed by a collapse and not only of the industry but also of Twin Towers the following year. The dream job didn’t last long but he was shown the world of the Ad Agency and all it had to offer. In 2008 Dmitry decided to switch coasts and went to California. There he continued to work at few large Start-ups and corporations. Realizing that his duty to the corporate world and graduation from the school of life was complete he decided to break out on his own. Say Wow Design Studio started in California in 2011 in the backyard of his house in Berkeley. Then moving back to NYC he continued establishing his business on the east coast by applying 3 main concepts to his company:


The Drive – he followed the wisdom of a simple quote “Whatever you put your attention on, grows”. So he figured if you take the knowledge and expertise he received and put attention on your own business – it will grow. You get a different feeling from running your own company – your own way. We really are the creators.

The Passion – doing what you love. Yes as simple as that. When you do what you love the Universe will show you the way. One of my personal passions is to mix technology with design esthetics and produce a “WOW” effect!

The Return – When you see client’s face when they finally got what they always wanted it’s priceless. It’s more then priceless, it’s pure joy. I want to give people what they want, and to exchange the energy of building things together we will make this place an amazing place to live.

About Jenniffer C. Azarov

12003207_10207649070967639_6510818380131132066_nJenniffer began her journey as a photographer and photo retoucher in Lima, Peru. in 2003 she moved to NY, where she still resides, working as a graphic designer and social media manager through Say Wow Media. Her background in photography and design has allowed her to create captivating campaigns and newsletters for marketing on social media channels.

Jenniffer’s approach to social media is in knowing that when you reach out, there is someone on the other side also reaching out. It is the art of meeting that person in the middle as a real human being, and not as a number in your small or large following. Social media is shifting its course, and now it’s personal!

Among her other skills are: filming, video editing, content writing, blogging and personal admin.