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InstagramPhotographySocial Media & Marketing

Everyone turns into a photographer on Instagram, it is inevitable, and so if you ever secretly wanted to become one, here is your chance. When an individual, an artist or a company decide to use Instagram, it is to create a visual experience for the viewers. But in order to understand Instagram successfully, you

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Authentic BrandingPeriscopeSocial Media & Marketing

Periscope is a live broadcasting video app (owned by Twitter) that is changing how businesses present themselves to their audiences. Their tagline, “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes.”, has captivated the world’s attention. Even though the app is only a few months old, it has begun to shift online marketing

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BlogInspirationSocial Media & Marketing

What brings you to this moment? Has it been a long journey? Are you in the thick of it all, or is your adventure just beginning? You may be thinking, “Well, who’s going to care how I got here or why I chose this path?” Newsflash baby, we do care. The focus has

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