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We all know what the process of launching a project feels like, a lot of resistance can surface right in the middle of it. We can easily lose ourselves in the comparison game when embarking on a new venture and so it is important to set a solid foundation before starting any

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Design ConsultationOOUXUX / UI

This is the story of  how UX helped me, a Project Manager and our client to solidify the vision for a product. The interesting factor was the series of events that occurred, which revealed the importance of UX and it’s application in a real life project. I will not disclose which company this

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What brings you to this moment? Has it been a long journey? Are you in the thick of it all, or is your adventure just beginning? You may be thinking, “Well, who’s going to care how I got here or why I chose this path?” Newsflash baby, we do care. The focus has

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Authentic BrandingInspiration

Yes, you heard me. Wipe out the word competition from your vocabulary! The old model of “competing” or being “competitive” is going out the door and being slowly replaced by inspired action, community motivation, sharing, support and camaraderie. So how do you approach the market when you no longer have

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Authentic BrandingPeriscopeSocial Media & Marketing

Periscope is a live broadcasting video app (owned by Twitter) that is changing how businesses present themselves to their audiences. Their tagline, “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes.”, has captivated the world’s attention. Even though the app is only a few months old, it has begun to shift online marketing

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InspirationUX / UI

Recently I had quite an interesting experience that allowed me to discover a new application of the UX process applied to something different and unique. I attended a philosophy event at the Brooklyn Public Library with an old friend that I have known for about 15 years. His name is

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